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Thriving at Home for Seniors

Welcome to the Thriving at Home for Seniors resource page with valuable content for seniors and their families. Maybe you’re home right now feeling alone, or thinking about a loved one who is alone. At Immanuel, we want you to know we’re here for you because we’re not for profit. In times like these, we’re given an opportunity to come together, to fulfill our mission of Christ-centered service to seniors, each other and the community in a way that extends far beyond our walls. 

We've collected these FREE resources for you, all in one place. Enjoy! 

  • Immanuel's Daily Hope Hotline 402.933.6442
  • Immanuel's Virtually Connected Pen Pal (Send a message to Immanuel's seniors. Messages are shared with all Immanuel residents and participants) -
  • Immanuel’s Thriving at Home FREE Resource Center – this webpage is just for you and includes ideas, tips and resources to help you thrive, not just survive at home. As you visit this site, be sure to click through the tabs on the lower section of this page to explore these topics and so much more. 
    • Brain games
    • At-home senior friendly workout routines (no equipment needed!)
    • Ideas and tips on staying virtually connected with your family and friends
    • Fresh cooking tips (how to make the most out of limited ingredients and more)
    • Ideas on how to host a fun Zoom call, like a Zoom scavanger hunt
    • And many more! 

Click the categories below for resource videos designed to help seniors thrive at home. 

Featured Videos

Brain Games

What is brain health and can games really improve your memory? This and more in our Brain Games episode. 

Download our Brain Games and Tips

Memory Support

If you are supporting a senior loved one with memory loss, this is a must-watch. Learn tips for supporting them during these uncertain times. 

Download our Memory Support Tips

Trying New Recipes

The kitchen is a great place to find enrichment as we all spend more time at home. Learn some new recipes and tips for finding joy at the table. 

Download this episode’s recipes and tips

Thriving at Home Videos

Social Distancing and Community Resource Videos

Health, Food and Fitness Videos

Planning Guides and Additional Resources

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