The Landing Resident Pens Special Poem and Finds A New Friendship 

What do you “Wannado?”

Mary Alice Trimble, a resident of The Landing in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a poet. She often writes personalized poems for friends, neighbors, and community team members.

Amber Lihs, Life Enrichment Manager at The Landing, said Mary Alice also writes thank-you letters to musicians, speakers, and others who come to entertain their community.

So when she experienced the thrill of the outdoors through a unique program called Live Well. Go Fish., Mary Alice was inspired to write. Live Well, Go Fish. is a nonprofit recreation company that takes seniors, youth, veterans, people with disabilities, and hospice patients out boating and fishing on Lake Wanahoo in Wahoo, Nebraska.

When Mary Alice was finished, she sent her poem to David Ruder, the Founder, President, and CEO of Live Well. Go Fish. Mary Alice’s words moved David so much that he invited her back for another trip.

On the big day when Mary Alice arrived, a Live Well. Go Fish. volunteer read her poem aloud as David presented her with a bouquet of red roses. David told her that her writing touched him and that he had a special surprise: he would name his boat “Wannado” after her poem.

By Mary Alice Trimble

He invites you in, but first with a grin.
“Welcome, folks, my name is Dave,
Anyone up for some fishin?”
Hands go up, shouts of “Yep”
“Well, then, you can stop wishin!”
“Come on in, now watch your step,
Catching fish is just one mission.
“See on this versatile vessel, this boat,
You can do a lot, so much more than just float.
We’ve got rods and reels and lots of bait,
We also have Siri, who simply can’t wait
To get you jazzed, or get you strummin’,
“Sunshine on my shoulder” hummin’
“We’ve got slow lake-trollin’, Eighteen wheel rollin’
Convoys, kayaks, and oh, tiny bubbles
And then, voila! You forget all your troubles!
See, dear friends, that is the clue!
You can jolly do well do what you “wannado!!”
And that we can in this grand land,
Home of the free, Bless Liberty
And those who brought it, so lucky are we!
Thank you, Dave, and your “wannado”
On this your lovely Lake Wanahoo!