What You Need to Know About Non-Profit Senior Living

Retirement living comes in all shapes and sizes. From amenities to square footage, there’s a lot to consider when you’re considering a move. One aspect you may not have thought about is whether the community is for-profit or non-profit. 

While many senior homes were founded by non-profit charity groups decades ago, this is hardly the case today. With millions of Baby Boomers now in retirement, for-profit senior living has become big business. 

In fact, many retirement living providers oversee hundreds of retirement communities across the country. Like restaurant chains, these communities are directed by the actions of leadership groups hundreds of miles removed and decisions are often driven by the interests of shareholders. 

Non-profit senior living is different. 

Mission-Driven Senior Living
Non-profit senior living providers, like Immanuel, are driven by a mission. Here at Immanuel, our mission of Christ-Centered Service to Seniors, Each Other and the Community drives everything we do—from the direction of our entire organization to the day-to-day decisions made by our employees. Mission provides the framework for an organization’s values. If you’re looking to make the move to senior living, it’s worth exploring whether the community’s values align with your own. 

During the COVID-19 virus, Immanuel’s mission and values came into play each and every day. It guided us to extend compassion and hero pay stipends for our frontline staff and deliver meals for residents. It inspired daily check-ins, above-and-beyond safe social experiences, and even assistance with groceries and household supplies. 

These decisions were made without waiting from direction from a corporate office hundreds of miles away. These decisions were made through the lens of a mission and an overarching drive to always do the right thing. 

People Above Profits
While for-profit providers are answering to shareholders, non-profit providers have the freedom to put people first. Profits above operating expenses can be invested directly back into the community. At Immanuel, that means residents see regular improvements to their apartments, common areas, services and amenities. 

Programs may also be in place to lend a hand to residents in need. Immanuel’s foundation and resident assistance fund provides relief to residents experiencing an unforeseen financial challenge. For-profit providers may show you the door but at a non-profit community, you may be extended a helping hand of compassion. 

Non-Profit or For-Profit? 
There’s a lot to think about if you’re considering a move to a senior living or retirement living community. Beyond the obvious choices, you should take time to consider the driving values of the organization you’ll be living under. Not all communities are created equal, so take some time to consider your options. 

Our Non-Profit vs. For-Profit comparison guide, available free at, offers a comprehensive guide to help you make the decision that’s right for you. It comes complete with helpful questions to ask on tours as well as an array of topics you many never thought about before. 

Go ahead. Ask questions. You may be surprised by the answers! 

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